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Pronounced "CAPTURED"

Hi, we are Charisse and Ryan Smith. We create beautiful immersive virtual tours.

If you have time to browse through our tours, we hope our work speaks for itself.  We love what we do, from creating tours to working with our clients. But we definitely are not salespeople.  No slick pitches from us. Just an honest assessment of matching our services to a potential client's needs.  This is probably in part because our educational background (from CC and Mizzou) is in philosophy.  And we know that might sound a bit odd at first, but to us philosophy and small business are common in their core in that they should be about solving problems and helping people. That's how CAPTVR3D came to be; Charisse saw an advertisement for a new kind of camera and saw how, with it, she could use her long time interests and talents to solve problems and fill needs for her community. 

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Ryan & Charisse

A virtual tour gives you the power to explore locations remotely from the comfort of your favorite screen; be it at home, in your hand, or anywhere in the world. Want to know if the restaurant next to your vacation hotel has an authentic feel? A virtual tour is perfect for that.  Dreaming of potential wedding locations? Virtual tours let you stand where you'll be taking your vows and having your first dance. Or perhaps you are moving to a new city but don't have time or finances to make multiple trips. Being able to tour multiple homes before you even visit for the first time can help that process be less stressful. MidMissouri has so many amazing locations that are vying to be seen and shared with others. We want to make that happen.

We believe our virtual tours are powerful tools.  People are naturally curious, and something new draws their attention.  Who doesn't like a backstage pass or inside information? Giving people access to how your business works appeals to a desire to know who we are working with on a more personal level.  Virtual tours also work like 24hr open houses where people can explore homes and businesses that they might not get to see otherwise.  


There is also this neat psychological phenomenon called "the mere-exposure effect" where people tend to develop a preference for things simply because they are familiar with them.  We believe that a well created virtual tour should evoke these feelings in their audience, and should do so more effectively than photos or videos as they are viewed on average for 3-4x longer.​


That virtual tours get and keep attention online is a rare and powerful feature of a marketing tool, and we work with our clients to maximize it's potential. From social media sharing, to featured placement on websites, to the ability to track analytics. Even third-party websites that are compatible with our tours. We want our tours to help our clients be successful and for their customers to benefit as easily as possible, as well.

If you are interested in learning how CAPTVR3D can help with your unique needs, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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