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Experience Creation

Digital experiences can vary widely in their scope of work. From the size of the location to be imaged to the degree of interactivity, many factors come into play.  Every project is unique and we guide you through every step of the way.


Everything we do starts with a conversation. We review your location and discuss with you what your goals are and what your ideal digital experience would look like. We show you the latest options and encourage you to begin gathering media that you'd like to see included. From this meeting we will create a project proposal that outlines your options, the steps along the way, and potential publication date(s).


Booking Process

Once you have reviewed the proposal and chosen your options we will create a contract and your imaging date will be officially booked upon receipt of deposit. Most often our experiences are imaged at staged, vacant locations but we can also create CGI tours even if no location yet exists!



If working from a pre-existing location the base of the tour will depend upon 4k imaging completed by our team. If the location is not currently existing we will work with you to gather the needed information to create CGI imagery as closely as possible.



Once the imagery has taken shape the next step is to add additional navigation, interactivity, and multimedia content.



Once the experience has been created it will be time to share it online, on social media, and in your marketing campaigns. With your unique link there are so many ways to share your digital experience and we make sure you know them all!

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Get in Touch

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