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Many people do not know that there is as much going on behind the scenes of a virtual experience as there is within the experience. Virtual tours can generate amazingly detailed and robust data unlike any traditional media.

If you choose a data package to add to your tour we will guide you in all the ways you can use a virtual experience to learn valuable information about your consumers that can then be used to inform any strategic marketing plan.

Performance Portal

Every client gets a log-in to an online portal containing their experiences. From this portal clients are able to do many things, including checking in on the performance metrics of their experiences. See what areas of your location draw the most attention, what users are interacting with the most, and how long you are keeping their attention.


Demographic Data

By connecting Google Analytics to your virtual experiences we are able to learn about its viewers. Demographic data can not only be useful to see who an experience is attracting, but also be used for retargeting with highly specific targeted advertising as well as for building audiences for social media marketing and even to guide offline marketing campaign efforts.


Behavioral Data & A/B Testing

GA4 is particularly good at helping you learn from your consumer's behaviors. Where did they find the link to the tour? Did they choose to go left or go right? Are there patterns or trends that we can see in what users choose to explore and interact with? Are your marketing campaigns having an effect on where they go and what they do?  We can even make multiple versions of experiences to test our hypothesis and see what the consumers respond to best.


Zero-Party Data, Surveys, & Gamified Feedback

The most reliable data is the information your consumers provide you directly. With an immersive and entertaining experience your consumers will enjoy interacting with custom created elements that can directly ask for input in a variety of ways.  Want to know how they feel about your products/services? We can ask them to move tiles around to rank them in order of their preference.  Want them to learn about what makes your company better than the competition? We can make that a game, too. From scavenger hunts and trivia games to all-out escape rooms, the only limit is our imagination.

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